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1st official Gallery representation and Radio Interview

Ohh, I can’t believe it happen !

Several month ago I entered few of my Frozen Spring pieces into “All Botanical” competition at Contemporary Art Gallery Online and to my absolute delight.. I won!

Certificate of Contemporary Art Gallery Special Choice award for Frozen Spring art

Certificate of Special Juror Choice award from Contemporary Art Gallery Online for Frozen Spring art

As usual, with my luck, everything started with confusion, when first judges gave me 1st place in the paintings category. As much as I am flattered that my ice photography is mistaken for the water color paintings,  I did had to insist that they would review their selection.

As part of the prize package, my series are now represented by Contemporary Art Gallery Online and you can see them in their official catalog.

Spring time from Frozen Spring collection

“Spring Time” — print on aquarelle rag paper which got me Special Juror choice award.

Another prize was an online radio interview. First ever interview, I was quite scared to tell you the truth, not knowing how to prepare or what to say. Thankfully Michael was very easy to talk to and made me feel.. semi-relaxed 🙂 Interview was recorded last month and aired last saturday. However, it took me few days to pull myself together to actually listen to it.

If you are curious what I had to say follow this link to “An Artist Speaks Season 4 Episode 26 with Guest Artist Zina Zinchik”


Kara Walker @ Domino Sugar Factory

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“A Subtlety” or “Marvelous Sugar Baby” created by Kara Walker and http://creativetime.org/ team to commemorate one of the New York landmarks — Domino Sugar Factory, which sadly, will be gone very soon…
Learn more about the project http://creativetime.org/projects/karawalker/

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Opening Reception at SohoPhoto Gallery


Tomorrow, SohoPhoto Gallery will host an opening reception for the B&H Portfolio Development Exhibition. One of my works from Frozen Spring series will be participating in exhibition and I will be attending. If you are free tomorrow night and/or in the area please stop by.

Address: SohoPhoto Gallery
15 White Street
New York, NY 10013

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 | 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


Taking the risk and enjoying it!

Past several weeks were the most exhausting, most exciting  and most rewarding in my life as a photographer.

It all started several months ago, when friend talked me into applying for participation in the ArtExpo New York and our portfolios were approved. What a rush it has been…  figuring out what, where and how to print, writing bio and artist statements, preparing promotion materials, figuring out the pricing.. oh, pricing was one of the most difficult parts, I must admit.

Thanks for the support of my husband and our friends, we were miraculously able to complete everything by the show opening.. and the fun has begun !



My husband helping with booth setup.

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Make Believe Exhibition Catalog now Available at VioVio

Image  One of my works will be on display at Darkroom Gallery for Make Believe Exhibition as I mentioned before. The exhibition catalog is available on line now (My work is on the last page.. thanks to my first name I guess :))


“Art that Lifts Our Spirits”

While I was away got an email that I have been selected among winners in the “Art that Lifts Our Spirits” exhibition at Manhattan Arts club. Makes me feel so proud 🙂

Accepted in the “Make Believe” exhibition! Yay..

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Congratulations! Our juror for Make Believe, Andy Bloxam has made his selections. Your image “Lady of Renaissance” was selected to be a part of our exhibition at the Darkroom Gallery, opening Oct 24th, 2013.

I am feeling very excited right now.. if you are close by Essex Jct. Vermont October 24 – November 10, 2013 stop by the gallery to check out wonderful works of the exhibition 🙂

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Jazz & Art Show at Empire Hotel Rooftop

So this has been my 2nd group art show, and while I was prepared just a bit better than previous time — that one was so much more GRAND…

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Group art show at TownHouse Art Gallery

Last week I participated in my first group show @ Townhouse Art gallery. What a thrill…

Group art show at  Townhouse Art gallery

Group art show at Townhouse Art gallery