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1st official Gallery representation and Radio Interview

Ohh, I can’t believe it happen !

Several month ago I entered few of my Frozen Spring pieces into “All Botanical” competition at Contemporary Art Gallery Online and to my absolute delight.. I won!

Certificate of Contemporary Art Gallery Special Choice award for Frozen Spring art

Certificate of Special Juror Choice award from Contemporary Art Gallery Online for Frozen Spring art

As usual, with my luck, everything started with confusion, when first judges gave me 1st place in the paintings category. As much as I am flattered that my ice photography is mistaken for the water color paintings,  I did had to insist that they would review their selection.

As part of the prize package, my series are now represented by Contemporary Art Gallery Online and you can see them in their official catalog.

Spring time from Frozen Spring collection

“Spring Time” — print on aquarelle rag paper which got me Special Juror choice award.

Another prize was an online radio interview. First ever interview, I was quite scared to tell you the truth, not knowing how to prepare or what to say. Thankfully Michael was very easy to talk to and made me feel.. semi-relaxed 🙂 Interview was recorded last month and aired last saturday. However, it took me few days to pull myself together to actually listen to it.

If you are curious what I had to say follow this link to “An Artist Speaks Season 4 Episode 26 with Guest Artist Zina Zinchik”

“Art that Lifts Our Spirits”

While I was away got an email that I have been selected among winners in the “Art that Lifts Our Spirits” exhibition at Manhattan Arts club. Makes me feel so proud 🙂