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better safe (and annoyed), than sorry

this morning I was not .. this morning my twitter account got hacked and stolen from me literally before my eyes. 

One moment I was checking my “connect” screen on my iPhone twitter application and another I am getting email that my twitter email address and account password were changed. SHOCKED! 

I honestly, honestly, honestly tried to contact support, but apparently once email address on the account was changed — the support would not do anything and their only advise is to start new account.. 

So I did.. and this time I enabled 2 steps verification.. on ALL my accounts, everywhere where it is offered.. with separate applications passwords… The feature I turned off a while ago. because I was annoyed of all the extra prompts.. but you know what ? I will try to stay calm and patient from now on.. and carry my phone everywhere. 


P.S. The scariest thing is that I was managing not one — 2 accounts on twitter.. one for me and another of my friend. And no, I am not able to sign in into friend’s account as well from the web. May be its a glitch.. or may be that account also got stolen, and that would mean I got a bug.. 😦